Friday, August 15, 2008

All in a Day’s Work

“Grill Days” happen at GRMC every other Friday for about six months out of the year. We get the grill out of storage in May and put it away in September—or October if the weather holds. Employees and departments take turns working the grill and serving up burgers, hot dogs, or chicken sandwiches that anybody can purchase. I love doing this. It’s fun to step out of my usual shirt and tie role to be outside and mingle with co-workers.

Grillers often pick a theme for their grill day. I invited Pete Lahn, chair of GRMC’s board of trustees, to work with me. We both ride Harleys and decided on a “biker” theme for our grill day. Here’s a photo of us today, a picture-perfect August Friday in Iowa. Standing with me is Carla DeGeorge, Mary Anderson, and Pete Lahn. Carla and Mary staff our Corner Café and really do a lot to help us all have a little fun at work.

Pete says this is a great perk for being board chair. And, he’s been super about volunteering to help serve employees for other events. During this year’s National Hospital Week, he organized a cookie break for staff from the board and also came in to serve a meal to the night shift.

Having a little fun at work is so important to building a great team and making this a place where people look forward to coming to work. I work with some really amazing people. That’s what makes me look forward to coming to work.

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