Monday, July 28, 2008

Bandaging Medicare

This week, Congress voted overwhelmingly to override a Presidential veto of a Medicare bill that prevents a 10.6 percent cut in reimbursement to doctors for Medicare services. The reimbursement cut is part of current law that must be amended to avoid this scheduled cut from taking effect. Congress has another 18 months before this situation comes up again, unless they come up with a plan for change. While this legislation is vital, it is a single finger in a dam that is about to burst.

The Medicare situation is complicated at best, and at worst, it maybe broken beyond repair. The current home mortgage foreclosure situation will seem of small consequence if we don’t overhaul the nation’s healthcare system. We absolutely must find a long-term solution.

Medicare is only one part of the system that is in serious need of repair. Add Medicaid, uninsured, and the rising costs of healthcare into the mix, and it creates a perfect storm. Reforming our healthcare system will be one of the biggest tasks we’ve faced as a nation.

Rushing into a solution is not prudent, but doing nothing is inconceivable. The rock and a hard place.

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