Friday, September 5, 2008

Upgrading Our Billing

Recently, GRMC started working with a different company to help us with patient bills and insurance claims. The reason for the change was to improve patient satisfaction with our billing and collection process so that patients would better understand what they owe, give them the ability to pay their bill online, and/or help them set up a payment plan. The idea was to find an organization that specializes in this complex and ever changing process and is committed to only doing billing function. They would then work with our employees locally that do billing. We would work together to have the best billing system possible.

Sounds great, but for a few folks we really got off on the wrong foot with this new system. We’re working through some technical difficulties with the transfer of data from our previous billing company. This resulted in some patients getting letters that said some had already recently received a bill, when they may not have. Statements didn’t include information that we expected it to include, and, to make matters worse, the website address on the statement was incorrect. The correct address is

We take quality service very seriously at GRMC from the moment you walk through the door to providing you with accurate and timely billing information. We apologize for the confusion and problems this situation may have caused a few of our patients. We also thank you for your patience as we correct this and move forward. We literally sent out thousands of bills and the vast majority of them were accurate and timely.

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