Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Guest blog: Intern Welcomed to Grinnell

I have spent the last 11 weeks working, living, and especially enjoying Grinnell at GRMC. I spent the summer as an administration intern as part of my graduate program at the University of Iowa receiving a Master of Health Administration. Over this unique summer work experience, I have learned many things in Grinnell.

First, although downtown Grinnell is not as large as Iowa City’s, it does not take away from the exceptional food and entertainment I saw during Friday Fest early this June.

Second, I learned that as a rural community hospital, GRMC faces many challenges most hospitals do not. As a “tweener” hospital, something Todd Linden has mentioned in previous blogs, GRMC is in a very unique position with its size and reimbursement rates.

Last, I learned a strong hospital makes for a strong community, but more importantly, a strong community creates a strong hospital. The community members I met on the board of directors are passionate, engaged, and truly believe in the mission and values of GRMC. With the invaluable involvement and support of the community, GRMC has weathered the economic storm, recruited four new members of the medical staff, and convinced Capital Hill that a town of 10,000 deserves as much recognition (through the “tweener” legislation) as any other.

Between my family in Des Moines, and school in Iowa City, I will drive by exit 182 on interstate 80 with memories of a great summer filled with new friends, new experiences, and the new appreciation of how hospitals and the community truly depend on each other to become great.

To everyone I had the pleasure to meet and work with, thanks, and take care, until we meet again.

Kyle Wilcox
Administrative Intern 2010

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aaps said...

I couldn't agree more than this, as said it is the Strong Community that creates a Strong Hospital.All the Very Best for your future Endeavors.