Monday, August 23, 2010

Tagged for Success at GRMC

I have 16 yellow, diamond-shaped tags, each representing another successful Tag Day by the Grinnell Regional Auxiliary. I love to support this effort because it is such a long-time tradition for healthcare in our area.

In fact, this annual fundraiser dates back to long before I was even born! Tag Day was initiated in the 1920s as a fundraiser for the hospital - back then it was Community Hospital. It was originally called "Balloon Day" because everyone who contributed received a brightly colored balloon. Downtown businesses were generous donors and decorated their windows with balloons. Hospital archives note that on the day of the annual event, the city was "blooming with balloons."
The Auxiliary replaced the colorful balloons with paper tags during World War II because of the rubber shortage. The bright yellow diamond-shaped tags have continued supporting healthcare in the 21st century. The one-day fundraiser finds more than 100 volunteers selling tags in the GRMC service area. Last year, the Auxiliary raised more than $2,000 in one day.
This year, Auxiliary members will once again welcome donations to its annual Tag Day Fundraiser on Friday, Aug. 27. Look for them in your neighborhood. Please consider supporting their fund drive. Donations go toward the GRMC Auxiliary's 2010 goals:
  • Supporting the development of a physical therapy room at Postels Community Health Park with a $7,000 contribution.
  • Giving $8,000 to the medical center's annual fund drive to be used for hospital equipment.
  • Providing $10,000 in healthcare-related scholarships to area residents.
  • Sponsoring the Women's Health Focus.

I know many residents in our area have more than 16 Tag Day tags. I'd love to hear from you regarding the number of tags you have collected. Thanks for your support of GRMC as we strive to meet the needs of our community.

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