Friday, May 28, 2010

What the Heck is Zumba?

The newest fitness craze is an “aerobics” like class called Zumba, fired up with Latin music! And we have it at GRMC at Fly High Fitness Studio. I decided to check it out. You can see the results on this short video here. But I better warn you, I am not much of a dancer!

Although you can be the judge, I did start to get the hang of it as the class progressed. Much like the insecure guys in the movie “The Full Monty,” my confidence improved as I started to loosen up and enjoy the music. Of course, unlike those guys in “The Full Monty,” I kept my clothes on. In fact, I even borrowed a pair of special Zumba pants from the class instructor, Tiffany, just to get the total experience. Speaking of Tiffany, she is a great instructor. I appreciate her letting me crash her class so I could see firsthand what fun a fitness class can be.

You will also note in the photo and video clip a rather large, bearded man next to me. (And yes, Dr. Levy, he still has his beard!) That is Kyle, my University of Iowa College of Public Health graduate student intern for the summer. You might recall seeing him in my Washington, DC, post from a few weeks ago! What a good sport to join me in checking out Zumba.

Tiffany asked me on my way out the door after class: “Am I going to see you now each week for a dance lesson?” Although I did not commit on the spot, I do see why folks love Zumba. It is a 45-minute workout that goes by very quickly, and I have to admit it was a lot of fun. I don’t suspect the video of me dancing is going to be the next YouTube craze, but if we could get those babies selling stock services in those cute commercials to try Zumba, we might just have something! I also suspect I am going to get some ribbing and a lot of snickering from many of my colleagues at GRMC.

Join the party!

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Jane Sherwin said...

Todd, I love Zumba! The more I do it, the more it feels like dancing rather than exercise. Have you considered putting this video on your website or Facebook? I would think the community--including patients--would be delighted to see it--plus it emphasizes GRMC's interested in health and wellness.

Unknown said...

Wow. how fun to see Todd in a new action all the way in Canada!Great job on this post.

Todd C. Linden said...

Jane: Yes, it was a lot of fun and there were many comments from others
in the class about how the time just goes by so fast! I will pass your
comments on to our PR staff regarding the other places we could post the
video. I can see why you like it so much.

Todd C. Linden said...

Jeanette, thanks for your comments from the Great North! It was a lot of fun and fortunately I wasn't that sore after the workout. Hope all is well in Canada.