Monday, June 21, 2010

Ever Tried Yoga?

Yoga became another new exercise experience for me recently. First, I tried Zumba. So, the only logical next thing to try was yoga.

Although the two words start with letters next to each other in the alphabet, they couldn’t be further apart on the exercise scale. Zumba pairs up great Latin music with jazzed up dance moves for a great cardio workout. Yoga on the other hand, I found to be contemplative, almost spiritual. In my case, I tried a “Gentle Yoga” class. For me, it turned out to be the best way to first experience yoga.

Since flexibility is not one of my strengths to be sure, I found “Gentle Yoga” did not include any difficult balance and stretching moves that I couldn’t handle. However, I don’t want to suggest my one-hour yoga session did not make for an excellent workout. Working the core and using one’s muscles to maintain balance certainly created plenty of burn. It also seemed more meditative. I left feeling refreshed.

We currently have three yoga instructors: two Jennifers and a Jackie. Borrowing a technique from Dr. Seuss, I will refer to the Jennifers as Jenn One and Jen Two. Jenn One taught my first class. I am glad I was able to take a class from Jenn One because she is leaving us after almost a half-dozen years of wonderful care and devotion in building our yoga program. You can tell yoga is her passion. We truly are blessed with so many awesome fitness instructors at the Fly High Fitness Studio. It was clear from the many comments from her faithful students that Jenn One will be missed. Of course, we wish her all the best with her move.

Jen Two (exercising right next to me) will jump in and add Jenn One’s classes to her schedule. I am looking forward to taking a class from Jen Two. Probably a couple more “Gentle Yoga” classes for me before I try one of the more advanced classes.

If you have not tried a yoga class, I highly recommend it for both your mind and body. There’s one other great thing about yoga I want to share with you. I had no trouble putting my gym pants on the right way. I neglected to mention in my Zumba blog how embarrassed I was when I came out of the changing room with my Zumba pants on backwards!


Jenn said...

Thank you Todd for joining our class and your kind words towards my teaching. I do hope you find yourself back in a few more Yoga classes and would love to hear how your practice grows.

Namaste ~ Jenn One

Todd C. Linden said...

Thank you Jen for all your efforts to get our Yoga program really going!

You have many great friends here at GRMC and we all wish you well.

Take good care,